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Welcome to my own little part of the web... and in particular, my very own tribute to the king of Rock 'n' Roll, Mr. Elvis Presley. I hope you find this page informative, entertaining & maybe even educational. 

About Myself & my lifestyle

My life is that of an entertainer... a humble housewife who in her spare time wants to show people her talents in portraying the legend that was Elvis! The show I present isn't poking fun at the great man, indeed it should be seen as my own personal tribute to him. 

Apart from 'being' Elvis, my other interests include general theatre work, both out front & behind the scenes.  The Spa Theatre in Whitby has seen many varied performances through the years including comedies, drama, pantomimes & even variety shows of which I performed one half of Hinge and Brackett.

My Tastes In Music

This topic covers a very wide spectrum..... everything from Classical to Heavy Metal and 'most' types in between. If I had to choose an all-time favourite musical era it would have to be the 30's to 40's in particular Ella Fitzgerald, who's music I adore. Other favourites of mine include Doris Day, Frank Sinatra & the great Nat King Cole. 


Born in Huddersfield (UK) in the 50's, I was the middle one of five girls. Some would say I was the only 'son', a bit of a tomboy.
Dad was a printer by trade but found  work as a bus driver and mother was a weaver. I didn't really have a goal to aim for in life until I saw a group called "The Cartwrights" at the Saturday morning cinema during the interval. Later that week I formed a band of my own! Cake tins for drums, a cricket bat & a carpet beater for guitars, two chairs for a piano and the hoover made a great microphone! We called ourselves ( my sisters & a friend ) "The Spider's Webb" in honour of Cliff Richard (Webb being Cliff's real surname). That's where my life as an entertainer began.
Having been rejected for the School Choir TWICE because I "couldn't sing", I joined the school's brass band but once again I wasn't very good as my mind was always on 'the band'.
I left school at 15, still an aimless wanderer, working in a printing department of some firm or other. Then one day my folks decided that we'd all move to the coast. It was there that I discovered Elvis. Although it would be some time later that I would have the jump-suits etc, I still remained ever hopeful that one day it would be me up there on the stage as the 'Great Man' himself. I finally had a goal to aim for........
I eventually met and married Ken who is 100% behind me in life and who has been totally converted to the Elvis cause.

Long Live The King !

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